About aGoT Card Game Tournaments

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is the best board game / card game ever, and tournaments are the most fun, competitive way, to play all day!

This website is a central place to find card game tournaments near you and if you're a games organiser, to post your tournament in a central place.
Of course any gamer from anywhere in the world is welcome at any tournament, but the tournaments specifically aimed at international audiences will show on the global tournament list on the Thrones Tournaments home page.

There are two main types of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game tournaments, often referred to as aGoT tournaments for short.

The most common are “joust tournaments”. These usually involve 4-6 rounds of joust games. Joust card games are 1-on-1 games, usually timed to approx 55 minutes each, referred to as “swiss".
The top players of swiss in the tournaments who make the “cut”, will then play quarter, semi, final joust card games.

The second main type of aGoT Card Games are “Melee”. Melee card games are multi-player games are the same rules as joust, but a very different gameplay with up to 8 players. Melee card games are usually slightly longer because of the number of players.

There are also new formats which are occasionally run, eg. “draft” and “rookery”, which will be stated in the “type” column in your country's games list.

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, is a Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) board game, to which this website has absolutely no official affiliation.

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